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Have you ever felt hurt or slighted when your spouse didn’t come home right away, and you hadn’t told them directly that you would like that?

Have you said something to your partner and they completely got the wrong interpretation of what you meant?

First spouses know their partner well enough that this doesn’t happen as often as with people we don’t know as well, but we all want harmony and good will at home. So what can you do to prevent this misunderstanding from happening? Well first harness your thoughts. Worry is not fact. We can make up all kinds of problems that most of the time will never happen. There is the classic “I didn’t know if you had been in an accident”. With texting and cell phones, we seldom can’t reach our partner. Allowing a few minutes to respond is only natural.

Second check out old sensitivies from past experiences. The partner whose first husband cheated on them often will admit to needing reassurance when schedules change. Owning our insecurities with our partner and how we developed them will only promote more emotional intimacy between you and your partner. Asking for understanding and receiving it will often lead to a healing of these earlier upsets.

Third if you do “lose it” with your loved one, breath and give up any defensiveness and say you are sorry. They are magic words. Many of you have not heard those words growing up and this is a new experience. It will get easier with practice.

You all don’t want to fight and especially over misunderstandings. These are the needless dramas. Life has enough real challenges without us making them up.