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When I was four, I had an accident because I was in a hurry. Ever since, I have been learning what rushing ahead gets me and learning what not being sure gets me. Lately I have been working with lots of clients learning the same lesson. They are so eager to be in love, get a divorce and try something new. There is no problem if that is the right decision for them but we all do have a process for being sure.

Are you compatible? Do they honor your needs? Do you honor their needs? Can you compromise? Can you talk and resolve differences? All of this is on top of “do you have a great time together and love being together?”

Then after that, there are the surprises. Only time and being together can reveal who you both are in many different kinds of situations. How do you both treat children, animals, relatives ,staff and coworkers, etc? Does your sex drive decrease over time? Are you both good with money? Is religion an issue? Do you have each others back?

For me, taking action is not a problem. Wanting to slow down and take the time to make a certain decision is. I love every thing fast. Well I told you where that got me when I was four, My advice to you is to slow down and do the work to be sure. We don’t want you hurting yourself now, do we?