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When did you first learn about sex? From friends, family, class, the internet? Were you sitting around whispering about it, sharing magazines and websites, or you had that rare parent who did comfortable explain the joy of sex.

When did you first feel sexuality awaken inside you?

What did this mean? True love with someone else or simply love with your self and your body?

Our sexuality is a lifetime journey. We discover the hormone rush, our body (masturbation), the mating game, and the transformations of what sex can be for us through the decades of our life.

The girlfriends or boyfriends, the dating hook ups, the committed relationships, the not so hot taken for granted relationships, the ever evolving sexual committed partners , and the celibate (often not by choice). The renewal, the reinvigoration with books, classes and hormones, new partners, affairs (don’t recommend them because they can destroy all involved), the divorces, moving on to other partners, the successful long term marriages, and the less frequent uninterrupted single lives.

So how can we take good care of our sexuality? By first not ignoring it. I get partners in my office who haven’t had sex for years. Even the partners who only have sex maybe once a month are not taking care of their sexual lives. Sex requires feeling our bodies and it’s needs, having good hygiene and medical care for our sustained health, taking measures to remain attractive throughout life, exercise and a commitment to being a sexual being.

Sex is good for your health, stress levels, feeling close and cared about, good exercise, relaxing, connects you with your humanness as well as your soul. Many experts stress that a successful sexual life with your partner is not so much about technique but about really knowing and caring about each other. When you care about each other, you naturally want to discover what each other likes and mutually enjoys in your sexual life together. If you get stuck along the way don’t hesitate to consult with a sex expert or informed couples therapist.