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I hear this everywhere I go lately. A door in my work just closed for me and I had trouble letting it go. So I am feeling particularly sympathetic right now. With clients I see this often. A couple decide that they got together for all the wrong reasons, or that they are poorly matched. They wanted a partner so badly that they got hitched with the very next one that they found.

Parting is so painful. Really looking at our messages, red flags, options and timing is crucial. Of course we all learn from the missteps .but being clear and avoiding them ahead of time is most often less painful. Bottom line, we can learn either way.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of couples who are dating and looking at being committed. They are so wise to seek assistance in this journey. They didn’t teach relationship 101 in school and there is a lot to learn. We can learn it through mistakes or we can get a heads up on some wise things to do Read books, take workshops, see a counselor or relationship coach. I am happy to answer your emails about some resources that I would recommend. Good luck in your journey for love.