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 "Making sure that people are well taken care of is of utmost importance to me in making referrals. 
My clients report that Kathy has the rare ability to guide people through difficult phases in their lives
with honesty, directness and compassion. I’m always grateful to have Kathy on my team."

     —Shari M. Capra - Mediator & Attorney

"My husband and I were on the verge of divorce, already separated, when we began sessions with Kathy as a last ditch effort to save our marriage for the sake of our children. When we first started seeing Kathy, her office was the only place we would actually talk to each other. We had been -unsuccessfully - to other counselors who promoted a ,"do what feels right", agenda. Kathy used her direct manner and years of counseling experience to show us what we stood to lose and to jar each of us out of our well of self pity and into working - and playing - together as a couple again. Now almost five years after our sessions with Kathy, our marriage is better and stronger than we could have ever imagined. Every anniversary we toast each other -and Kathy as well. She truly saved our marriage."
    —Lisa - Key Accounts / Business Development Manager

"I have known Kathy professionally for many years, and have entrusted many of my patients to her in this time. I have even brought some members of my family to her when issues arose. She has been very professional, kind, and helpful in her dealings with us all. I plan to continue my professional relationship with her for many years to come."
     —Mark Heisler - M.D.

"Kathy Infeld saved my marriage. After unsuccessfully working with several counselors, my wife and I, thankfully, found Kathy. Kathy balanced firmness, caring, empathy and reasoning when discussing our problems. I believe her experience and confidence allowed her to zero in on our real issues and then deal with them effectively and directly. Since working with Kathy, I have recommended her several times to friends and will continue to recommend her whenever the subject of marriage counseling comes up. Kathy is the best." 
     —Mike M. - Sales and Marketing

"Before my wife introduced me to Kathy Infeld, I had a few unpleasant therapy sessions with others. However, with Kathy I found the experience to be comforting and informative. I never left a session with Kathy without learning something about my situation and how to work on trying to improve it. Today, thanks to Kathy, I am a more confident and sincere person."
     —Bob F. - Business Owner and Sales