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Two of the most powerful words. In a relationship we can never not offend, make a mistake, say the wrong thing- sometimes. Usually this happens because we are not connected to ourselves and are just reacting. In the past I would then beat myself up emotionally to punish myself for being thoughtless, unkind or whatever. Didn’t do that today. I said I’m sorry and it was received. I didn’t have to feel bad or stay in that bad place. I moved on and my relationship was stronger for it.

Does that ever happen to you? Do you take a quiet moment to look, ”Did I say something wrong”? None of us are perfect. It is okay. I see so many couples who don’t say they are sorry and just keep adding up the offences They are not bad people. They just haven’t learned as a child or adult you can survive if you admit to a mistake. If you are one of these, try it. The words and feeling, “I’m sorry” are magical.