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I often see clients who are letting life happen to them. They are not aware of their needs. They just hope somehow that these needs will be met . Lynn Bunch underscored this fact years ago for me. I knew this but didn’t really see how powerful identifying your needs can be.It is the best way to begin to have them met.

  • I need to eat
  • I need rest
  • I need some fun and recreation
  • I need work
  • I need meaningful work
  • I need love and touch
  • I need friendship
  • I need an income
  • I need respect
  • I need to be valued
  • I need to be heard
  • I need to feel safe
  • I need a home
  • I need family

The list is specific to you as well as we all have needs.

Then there is the problem of people that I see who only know and attend to other people’s needs. It is okay for others to have needs but not for them.

Third there are those who only focus on their needs to the exclusion of others. They usually end up alone. So eventually their needs aren’t met either.

Bottom line we all have needs, it is okay to meet those needs, as well as be aware of others needs. We can all give to each other and to our self. Take charge in your life today. Make a list of your needs, how you will get them met and begin to make that happen. This really works. You deserve it and everyone around you will be happier for it too.