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Yesterday for the thousandth time (or at least it seems like a thousand) a client said “ I wish that we had seen you five years, one year or whatever ago.” He was talking about couples therapy for him and his ex-wife. Now his children are bearing the brunt of the break up of their family. Couples therapy with the right therapist really works. We take computer classes, we study mathematics, art, architecture, you name it, but we don’t take the time and money to learn how to have our precious marriages work?

Start by reading my book. I put everything I know into it. It can be a beginning for you and your spouse. What I know for sure is that marriages don’t just work. They take effort, growth, knowledge and some good wisdom to stay growing, joyful and worthwhile. I recently heard author, Marty Klein presenting about his book, “Sexual Intelligence”. His book is excellent. Several of John Gottman’s books on marriage are terrific tools too. Get reading.

Start today. Hug your spouse, tell them that you love them and that you want to learn how to love them even better. Read all that you can get your hands on about having a successful marriage and see a good couples therapist if you need one before it’s too late. Don’t be that next person who says to me, ”if only”.