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Seldom will you read me writing about letting go of relationships because I strongly feel that so many people give up too easily. Yet, there are relationships that are toxic that we need to let go. Some examples are: the friend who promises and never delivers, the spouse who says that they will give up their addiction and never manages to find that day, the fiancée who says that they will be faithful after the marriage, or the renter who always has a reason that they can’t pay the rent.

Letting go is hard for all of us. We want to believe in the people that we love. Yet sometimes they don’t deserve our time. We can wish them well and move on. Somethings to consider in this process: Are we comfortable with the status quo even if it isn’t good?, Do we not like to admit we made a mistake?, It is a lot of work starting over, My mother/father taught me to never give up on people. Spend some time looking at what you learned growing up and the lessons that you were taught about relationships. Then think about what messages to keep and which ones that are no longer relevant.

I empathize with how hard letting go is. I have to do this too and I was taught to never give up on people. Actually I am not giving up on people. I am wishing them well in their lives, just not with me. One of the hardest examples of this is a divorce. Of course this decision should be made carefully and with help by a professional