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Misunderstanding is coming up all around me. When something like that happens, I know that I need to write to regain understanding within myself.

Clients in my office are misunderstanding each other. One spouse has a good idea about something to do for their spouse when it really represented a need that she had instead. He told her that he didn’t want or need that action at all. He had been rigid and non communicative with her and missed the opportunity to talk the experience through to avoid the upset. Of course we worked it through in my office, but my job was also to teach them how to do that at home as well.

In my own life cell phone companies are saying one thing to me and leaving other charges out when they suggest their cost. Did I not hear them correctly? Am I looking at what am I not asking? What are they not telling me? What are we both not clarifying? Most of all I am recognizing that I can only change what I do to accomplish clarity in my life. I can ask. I can question details. I can disagree. If they withhold the information, I note that. I can request negotiation and discussion. If I am in a business or personal relationship where they won’t negotiate, discuss and maybe even problem solve, maybe I am in the wrong relationship and this one needs to end.

Where in your life, your committed relationship, and other relationships are you experiencing misunderstanding? Are you ignoring this? Are you numb about it? Are you asking the hard questions without blame and condemnation. Are you willing to negotiate , problem solve, and forgive if need be. After all, the only person that you can require to find clarity is you.

Here is to clarity in all our lives. Blessings and fun-Kathy