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This is a subject that I haven’t talked about before . It t is about a tool that I have used for years. When you are in doubt about the way to approach, speak, feel, act with your spouse, do you ever check inside for an answer? So often we look outside ourselves for the answers and they already were inside us. An example might be taking a minute to look inside for whether this is a good time to talk about something important. Or maybe is this a good time to attempt to resolve a disagreement between you. I always get an answer if I take the time to be aware and ask. When I go against my natural knowing and the answer, it never seems to work well. We all can be willful and want to just do it our way. We all have free will.

Here is how you could try it if you haven’t already tried.

  • First recognize a question you have about relating to your spouse.
  • Second take a deep breath and ask yourself this question silently inside.
  • Third listen for the answer (it can be a yes or no in sound, visual or natural knowing)
  • Lastly decide what you are going to do with the answer.

In conclusion I would like to mention that some people believe that the voice is Spirit, or the voice is our natural intelligence and knowing , or whatever you may believe it is. What I know for sure is that it exists and is an invaluable tool I use whenever I remember to do so. I wish I would remember all the time. Good luck with finding your small voice within. I would love to hear from you about how it went .