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No matter how long we live, we are going to make mistakes. We may misperceive situations, be tired and cranky, become fearful, or lose our “Cool”. Saying, ”I’m sorry”, can feel like an enormous task at the time. Recognizing that we were wrong, made a mistake, or were unkind can sometimes be the hardest thing to do in our committed relationship. No one knows us better or can trigger us more than our intimate partner.

I find that I make mistakes less often now, but I still do. How about you and your spouse? Are you able to say that “You are sorry?” ,or does it take days to realize what you have done? I am an experiential teacher ,so of course I am writing this because I have just been human once again. So there is no judgment in this blog. Just encouragement to get up, learn and try your best again.

Most of all I want to express that when I recently was being human and needed to say those three little words, ”I am sorry”, it took my breath away. Those three little words immediately took away all the angst, separate feelings, and pain. Love flowed again. I know that we all may never get to be perfect in this lifetime, but we can be willing to grow and learn to say those magic words.