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Have you ever noticed that there is a small voice inside you? Sometimes it is called intuition, a feeling, or a knowing. This voice whatever you call it is very wise. It may say, ”Are you sure that you want to do that?”, “This is good for you”, “It feels like I have known this person before”, and much, much more. If you and I listen, that small voice often can be a great help through life rather than figuring it all out our selves.

I try to listen, but I often think that I already know what to do. Then sometimes as hard as I try to hear, I don’t.  After all these years I am listening more. My way hasn’t always worked out. Like the time I heard that little voice say,” take the slower and less expert slope down this last ski run”, and I didn’t. Well you guessed it. I was taken down the mountain on a red-cross sled after I lost my edge on the ice.

I am not always falling on a mountain if I don’t listen, but listening seems like a good idea. When I talk with single people they tell me.”I knew I should never have dated them”, or “I knew they were the one from the first date”. That is that little voice again. Married people give me examples like, “When I asked myself if I should bring it up now, that voice said no later, or yes now”. Sometimes they even tell me that they knew that their marriage shouldn’t have happened on the day that they married. Listen today and recognize if you are hearing those quiet messages. They may be very important. Then note whether you heed its recommendation or not. Lastly evaluate whether you should. I think that I know what that answer will be. Write and tell me your results. I’d love to know.