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I woke up this morning giving myself a break. I seem to always feel that I have something that I should be learning. I decided today that I have learned enough. That doesn’t mean that I won’t keep learning again today, but that I could feel good about what I have done up until now. It’s a nice feeling. This is my message to you.

Whatever you do for a career, with your family and friends, in your community or in the world, you are enough today. There will be lots more to learn as long as you are willing, but just get that you have worked hard with your spouse to create a good marriage. There are lots more things to learn, but just for a moment take in all that you have tried. Pat yourself on the back.

You may be saying where did all this come from? Well I was thinking about some new ideas I had just read that once again greatly inform my work with couples . I was thinking, ”Does this learning ever end?” The answer is “no” when we are willing to grow. Mind you, I have been studying this work for decades and have seen thousands of couples in my office. I thought by now, that it would be enough. Well it is enough to be very helpful. Yet the next new learning brings with it an awakening of even new ideas. No, it never ends.

So just for a moment or two, get that you have done enough in your marriage, with your children, friends, family, career, community. Take it in. Then learn some more today. That moment of remembering that you are enough will renew you.