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What I know for sure is that most people want their marriages to work. I have many clients in my office, but I had three new couples start this week. They did great. Each partner is growing, learning more about themselves, their spouse, what works and doesn’t work for a good relationship. The fact that they would even see me as their couples therapist implied that they were willing, willing to do the work to make their relationships what they had always wanted it to be, or something more that they hadn’t even known was possible.

Creating true intimacy emotionally and physically began with establishing trust in their relationship. This was built through sharing what they felt inside, what they each needed and wanted, and sharing what hadn’t worked for them up until now.

You as well, as they, can renew your commitment to do all that you can to make yours a great relationship. Communicate what is in your heart, mind, and soul. Speak and listen well. Keep each other updated on your daily life, wishes and dreams. Give up judgment and find commonalities to negotiate your differences. Cherish each other daily and get to bask in the communion of spirit in this relationship that you have nourished and caused to blossom.

I know that people want their marriages to work. I work and see this every day. Most of the time they just don’t know how. Read, go to counseling, go to workshops and do whatever you can to learn how to make your marriage the best that it can be. Don’t give up. You can do it.