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I am back from vacation, and am ready to get down to business. I have been turning a thought around in my head all week. It is about those unsaid comments that would reveal so much to our spouse. It’s that information about ourselves or about them as we see it that would promote intimacy just by getting to know each other even more. How often have you held back and not said something important to your spouse? Do you feel you have to wait for the opportunity to go around again, or are you just “chicken”. I know I have been.

What I have always learned is that by sharing myself at the right time it can promote closeness and healing. When I don’t, I end up feeling all stopped up and maybe even distant. What have you not been saying to your loved one? What if you said it, it would make such a difference! Look carefully and make a plan to have this conversation this week. You will be so glad that you did.