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gettingawayEvery couple needs time alone with each other. There are date nights, weekends away ,and then there are those “oh so looked forward to” special vacations together. It is a time to remember why you married each other in the first place. Children, jobs, friends, relatives, work around the home and community can all fill your life to the brim. Some couples ,or really way too many couples, lose touch with each other and problems in the marriage develop.

These couples often have left no time to resolve differences of opinion and to ask for what they need. Every thing else starts to come first. If they also have any issues from the past where they felt ignored or unimportant, this lapse in attention can trigger old wounds as well. In my office I spend a lot of time reminding couples to take time for themselves. Everyone they effect will benefit too. They will become a closer and more united couple and happier as individuals and as a couple as well.

So pack up those suitcases, beg your family to watch the kids, spend what you can afford for that magical reconnection and don’t look back.