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Is anyone surprised?

Every other family I know has a daughter with a child born out of wedlock. That means there is an unmarried poppa out there too. Then there are the not married until they get pregnant. None of this suggests that our young Americans feel good or safe about marriage today. Maybe they will tie the knot for the child’s sake.

I feel safe about marriage because as a couples specialist I know the tools for building and maintaining a successful marriage. So the time is now for education for the masses on how to achieve successful marriage. Besides my self there are countless authors who have written a plan to make marriage safe again. Check out Harville Hendricks, Howard Markman, John Gottman and my book,”Creating Love For A Lifetime” etc. The bookstores and e-books are full of us.

Also there are workshops all over the country and the world. You can Google marriage workshops and have your pick. The resources are plentiful. You have to be willing and not whining. Anything worth having in your life has always taken some work, focus and effort. Our world seems more stable when we have healthy intact families.

For a long time that has included marriage.

Do your part in saving the world.

Save your marriage.