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prince-william-kate-middleton-official-engagement-photo2 Sometimes the challenges in the the world leave us overwrought, but William and Kate have given us something to smile about. Their love culminating in the Royal wedding this April inspires us to believe in relationship again.

There are so many news reports about the dress, the cake, the carriage. I want to talk about the precious feeling of love that they are experiencing right now. If you have ever been in love, remember that feeling when you both committed to a lifetime together: the wishes, the hopes, the dreams; the feeling of no longer being alone ;and having someone to share your life with. Then once you both told people, the first question usually was , "Have you set a date?"

A young bride to be recently answered that question with, "Right now I am focusing on the fact that we want to commit to a life together." Her heart and his were open and brimming with profound love. Details seemed so unimportant. Their dreams included how they would arrange a life that included each other every day. Where would they live? How would they make joint decisions about their careers? What would be their first vacation as committed beloveds?

With all the years William and Kate have had dating and sometimes living together, they have gotten to truly know each other. The engagement now has told their intentions to the world. They are going forward making their decisions as beloveds, as partners, as a team committed for life. What a profound feeling. "He really loves me." " She really loves me." That's the feeling that I hope that they are basking in right now.
Let their profound love for each other inspire you in your relationship. In a moment , you can create your marriage as brand new remembering all that you cherish, adore, feel and are nourished by in your marriage. In my book , "Creating Love For A Lifetime-The Five C's To A Successful Marriage", the fourth C is cherish. Fuel your relationship with cherishing and it will help you build A Love For A Lifetime.