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Andrew Lloyd Webber tells us, ”Love Changes Everything” in the musical “Aspects of Love”. Yes, Love, Love changes everyone. Live or perish In its flame. Love will never, Never let you Be the same. Life will never be the same for William and Kate now that they have declared their love. Their paths are entwined and their lives as singles will be soon gone forever. The public affirmation of their devotion in the myriad of plans sweeps us up into the excitement, and passion. Every bride and every groom too hopes to get to be the prince and princess for the day of their wedding. That passion and excitement is universal. Once the ceremony has ended the true bonding and sharing and negotiation of differences will begin . But just for now, let us bask in their glorious cherishing of each other. Love, Love changes everything: Days are longer, Words mean more. May they have their private moments, breathless and sweet cherishing the now and looking forward to forever.