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imagesI see so many couples in my office who have neglected treasuring their relationship. They have success, possessions, friendships, activities, goals, plans, blogs, facebook accounts, iphones and ipads and yet find themselves feeling empty in their marriage. The Beatles sang to us ,”All We Need Is Love”. What the Beatles were talking about is that rich, nurturing and warm feeling that only love, affection, appreciation and admiration brings.

As I was writing on my facebook account this morning and reading everyone's posts, there were comments about almost everything else: moving into a new house, apartment, visiting Colorado or Las Vegas, attending the most dynamic presentation. You name it. These are all good happenings in people’s lives, but where is the love? After listening to people in my office, I want to encourage people to talk more about it.

So I am going back to my facebook post and talk about my love for my husband and all that’s good about him. Then I am going to recommend people reading my post share about their love ones too. If, ”All We Need Is Love”, then let’s celebrate and treasure it today.