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20080616163312_sunset_coupleThere is nothing like the more frequent and intense visiting that goes with the holidays. We get our fill of relatives we love dearly and then in a moment it is all over. We are left with relief and loss. After all, we got used to talking, schmoozing, hugs and eating together every day. Maybe we even strained ourselves sharing that special activity we used to know. Eventually there is the desperation for some time alone.

Well when the relatives have gone I’m left with, “I miss you already”. It used to make me sad for a day or so and then normal life seemed to take over. Letting go of loved ones is a process. Throughout all of this I know though that there is someone along side of me who isn’t going anywhere. That’s my husband, soul mate, lover, friend, and partner. His love leaves me with love inside to spare. As a person I choose to love with all my heart and love receiving that back. Thank you honey for being there when “I miss you already” is here again and I have love to spare.