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imagesHave you ever noticed when you and your spouse or partner are both positive about something happens. The opposite is true too. If you stand on two different sides of an issue say for example you each voted for different candidates for President, you would cancel out each others vote. Learning how you are connected in your impact on the world is key.

Recently my husband and I were talking about a subject that had surfaced many times. One of us was consistently positive about it and the other,consistently pessimistic. Both of us have “can do attitudes” about differing things. All of a sudden we saw how we might be thwarting this great thing happening just with our differing attitudes and subsequent approach. It was a light bulb moment.

Needless to say we changed what we were doing. If either of us now has a fearful, pessimistic, or doubting moment, we talk about it together and work it until we are on the same page. That doesn’t mean that we are unrealistic or not willing to do the work to accomplish something. It just means that “we are connected” and there is a positive power to creating something together. Try it and see.