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A client recently told me about her dilemma with her husband. She is a night person and he is a morning person. What that means is that often during their most awake and alert hours the other spouse is asleep or close to it. So playing, working, planning and loving together often got passed over. She no longer wanted their worlds to feel so far apart.

I told her that she could invite him into her world more often. She went home and offered to come to bed earlier each night. He stayed up a little later. Neither of them completely changed their schedule but it got a little closer. What did change was their inviting each other’s closeness. In this quiet time together away from the rest of the family and life, she could tell her husband.”I love you so much”. Her husband could tell her,”You mean so much to me”. Their connecting often included just talking and laying there with each other. The special ingredients were that they got to feel close , and support each. If much of their day wasn’t around each other, that was okay . They were connected.

Whatever your schedules, preferences, interests and activities, always remember to find a way to connect and feel close every day. That love and devotion will carry you through almost everything.