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Who is there when the holiday crowd is gone?

This is a big season of holidays and there is much to do and much to go to. Whether we are shopping or gathering with others or recognizing the season with friends, family, work associates, schoolmates or with other people we know, who is at home for us? Who still walks daily in our life? When I look around I see so many people doing,doing,doing. I want to see people loving, loving, loving and most of all remembering to cherish their special one.

I grew up in a large family. Any holiday included at least twenty five people at all gatherings. At special events there were sixty five immediate family members in attendance. So this is a lesson I had to learn. During the holiday season I wanted to run from one gathering to another. My husband talks about driving one night through a blizzard to get to my brothers holiday party. He said it was “crazy” to want to do this and yet it was what I had always known.

I know this gathering is fun. My point is that the running can take on a life of it’s own and keep us distant from those who are special to us. Look beside your self and remember to cherish your spouse or special partner who is there for you all year long. Take time to slow down, talk, touch and experience the loving spirit of this holiday time with each other. It will be the best gift you receive and give this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Year!