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I was listening to a PBS special last night when David Foster and Celine Dion were discussing all the songs that they have collaborated on. One stood out –“Because You Loved Me”.

She sang, ” You saw the best there was in me. ” Do you and your spouse look for the best in each other?

Most couples I talk to focus on what’s not the best in each other. I believe that isn’t good for a relationship. For many years now I am continually grateful for how my husband and I have supported each other, told each other the truth, not let each other play small in the world, loved each other, and looked for the best in each other.

In the beginning, I looked for what wasn’t perfect because I was afraid to let someone that close. He only started doing this because I did. I think that may be why so many couples find each other so imperfect. They are afraid of getting really close. The good news is you can stop doing that today.

When you first met, what did you love about each other? Do you remind your spouse how you feel about them still? In what ways does your partner make life feel easier, more worthwhile, supported, and cared about? If they were gone tomorrow what could you never replace? I know all these answers are in you. Give it a try and talk together today or tonight. Then when you hear that song, “Because You Loved Me”, playing , you’ll feel that way too.