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The “Webster’s Dictionary” defines to persist as to continue steadily or firmly in some state, purpose or course of action. Persistence I believe is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a good marriage. What I have seen often as a therapist, mediator and coach is that many couples give up easily. If everything doesn’t go well, they think they just have the wrong partner.

With our changing world, needs in a relationship are increasing. Today so much is expected and wanted in a marriage. Each spouse wants in their spouse a partner, a lover, a friend, a spiritual guide, a financial partner, a coach, a co-parent, a recreation director, a sports enthusiast, fabulous in bed, home repair ,food expert, internet wizard, etc.

Whatever we want, we must be willing to give back as well. That’s THE deal that works. 100% effort on both partner’s part is what is required. One person doing more than their share won’t work. So commit today to do the work needed to have a glorious marriage. Share daily about your life, your needs and your devotion. Learn good conflict resolution tools and remember to touch often and say “I Love You” every day. The relationship you develop will be so worth it.