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The Five C’s to a Successful Marriage

Kathy Infeld has been a psychotherapist, mediator and coach in private practice for over twenty two years and has been happily married for over thirty eight years. She says her prescription for a successful marriage is Commitment, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Cherish and Communion of Spirit.

Commitment to do what you need to do to make your relationship strong. Communication building a bridge of love and connection between you. Conflict Resolution of the differences between each of you and the identifying of wounds and needs. Cherish each other daily and create a great sex life. Communion of Spirit is the purpose, intimacy and giving back that naturally flows from a satisfying relationship.

kathydinfeldbookSo you say these Five C’s are easier said than done. Kathy agrees. She says at least this is a road map of how to get there. She shares that her husband and she never gave up when the work got hard. She urges you if times are challenging right now, to use her Five C’s to Create Love for a Lifetime. Without an agreement to do the work, nothing can be accomplished. So commit. Second, talk daily about your desire to be happy together and what you are going to do to accomplish that. Learn to resolve differences by reading, doing workshops, going to therapy . Tell each other what you mean to each other and touch each other often. It is healing , builds connection and feels so good. Lastly, create a communion of spirit between you where you see the best in each other and recognize all that you learn and mean to each other after all these years.  Kathy's book,”Creating Love For A Lifetime, The Five C’s To A Successful Marriage” is soon to be released, so please visit again and place your order.