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I was riding in my car a couple of days ago when Celine Dion's song ,"The Power Of Love" was playing on one of my favorite stations. I can feel the emotions just writing about it. That morning I was dressed for my office and was grateful that I had reached a red light. I was so moved that tears welled up in my eyes and I would have been a mess to look at if I couldn't have wiped them.
First of all, her voice was brilliant and second the words were so moving and true...."I am your woman and you are my man...whenever we touch...What I write about and talk about most of the time is the magical power of relationship when it is good. I even talk about the magical power of a committed relationship when we are working on it becoming good. It is such worthwhile effort.
I don't know of any other relationship (even being a parent) that brings to the individual and couple more personal power, pleasure, support, fun, companionship, learning, adventure, and peace. That's why I will not give up teaching how to have a successful relationship and marriage until this information is available to everyone. Blessings.