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When I think over the years, the constant for me has been my sense of self and my husband. Through glorious times and sad times, through great fun and hardship, through new adventures and setbacks, through looking good times and a little out of shape times we were there for each other. It started off all polished and wide eyed enthusiasm for life. Then there were the moves, the babies, the long hours at work and great fun.
Whatever the history of our life together brought, we stayed committed. When we needed help, we got it. When someone else needed our ear, we gave it. We shared this whole unfolding story called our life together. It doesn't seem possible it was 38 years a few weeks ago. It seems like yesterday we were running around Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, Europe, San Francisco, Canada, California, cross country, and you name it.
Where will this keep leading? I say to ever more wisdom from experience, openness to growth and great adventures . What I know for sure is that I am so glad I got to SHARE a life well lived.