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As I go around talking to women about sex, they are interested but very private. I get that. Look at me writing about women and sex this many years into my life. Married 42 years, two grown children, countless pelvic exams, 30 years as a therapist and finally wanting to have this conversation with anyone who will listen.

My upbringing denied me an education of the “Joys of Sex”. Life has provided this and I always have more boundaries to push back on. This can’t just be my story. Please anonymously join me in this conversation. We women have so much to learn and support to gain from each other. All the factors that have moved sexuality forward and back need airing. Most of all I believe that women still don’t feel permission or the freedom to have their desires fulfilled.

Join me as we discuss the joys and hang ups as we go. I look forward to your blog posts.