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We all want to be loved. So why are there so many of us not feeling it? Well there are steps to the process, but many people are in too much of a hurry and ignore the red flags in relationship. They want to feel the love. They forget that the pain and wounds that can result, make it all the harder to try again.

So first get clear what you require in a relationship. Come up with no more than five things. There can be many things that you would prefer or like but these are must have’s. Some examples might be:


•  No abuse of alcohol or drugs

•  Monogamy Who I am is valued

•  Independence

•  Worshipping together

•  Financially responsible

•  Many mutual interests etc.


Make your list today. It acts like a map to finding the right mate. Remember only five.



Remember the phrase ”When someone shows you who they are, believe it”. That takes watching and listening and noting what you see and hear. Are they nice to their friends and relatives, is their family “different” (dysfunctional or functional), are they affectionate, are they appreciative, do they treat you like you matter and are valuable, do they pay their bills, have they been married before and why did it end, what did they learn from this, would they be willing to see a couples counselor if you went through hard times? I could give so many more examples but let this get you started Next. Look at are you ready for a relationship or is it just a popular idea? We will talk more on this subject but for now I have given you a lot to think about and an assignment to discover your five requirements for your relationship. Follow my future blogs. After all, my business is love and I’ve studied, practiced professionally and personally for my lifetime. I’ll share all that I know.