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I’ve included a great article about the qualities of an ADD/ADHD partner, but I also want to comment on how to get along with them as your spouse.

First of all they are usually a lot of fun. They love activity and are always moving from one thought or activity to another. So in dating you think ,”I like this”.

After the wedding children and other responsibilities come along. This is where the frustration can begin.(getting them to slow down long enough to have a problem solving conversation to handle life’s challenges and duties together.) They generally are great providers. So they think ,”What is the problem? I make enough to pay for it.” You handle it. I’m busy. Ask for what you need til' you get it.

Cherishing comes with fabulous presents but you can be left hoping for a more frequent, ”I love you’s” instead.” Make that clear to them and a gentle reminder is in order. Don’t forget to say your” I love you’s) too.

What are we together?”, you say to yourself. I say talking , getting them to look into your eyes when you talk, turn off all electronics at night, touch them as you want to be touched (they are very physical and this helps them to connect), let them know what you need back. Most importantly have a plan for quiet time for ten minutes each day to connect with each other.

Understanding their makeup and explaining to them how you function is primary. And finally choose to cherish each other as you are with all its pluses as well as challenges. Life will never be dull!