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I hadn’t been to a wedding in quite awhile. What a wonderful experience. Love, family, closeness, connection, chaos, good times, and good food. So much of everything. It happens because the heavens are opening for an enormous rite of passage-the commitment of two adults for a lifetime.

The first wedding was my son’s wedding and the second my nephew’s. Both are very special men and their wives equally special too. Because my passion is happy and successful marriages, my antenna were attuned to everything that was felt, seen and experienced. I saw that marriage is still alive and well in 2014 when you have a good match with people willing to do the work and tell each other the truth.

Honor, love, be faithful, work out issues, and make a life with each other that has purpose and meaning and make every effort to love each other’s family and friends. Through the years the successful couple can grow and evolve as people. I know this is possible because my husband and I are married forty two years today.